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Our Mission

For more than 25 years, Soccer Made in America's philosophy and training approach remains successful in the development of a players’ pure form, technical precision, agility, and creativity in game situations. The program’s goal is to offer advanced individual and small group training supported by highly effective coaching and teaching methodology. Players of ages 5-18 and skill level are taught through a systematic technical progression. ​

Players immediately experience:

  • Introduction to proper technical precision and form 

  • The undoing of negative habits 

  • Elevated skill level

  • Heightened playing confidence 

  • Greater tactical understanding 

  • Improved playing elegance

  • Clear communication (both players and coaches)

play with precision 


Ages 12 -15 are considered to be the “golden ages”. What players learn during this period will govern the rest of their playing career. If players are not technically prepared for this period, their full potential may become limited. For players to reach peak performance, their fundamental blocks need to be in place. 


What is important for kids ages 6-11 is the implementation of proper execution, clean first touch, dribbling variations, the precision of passing, receiving, and shooting and finishing accuracy. This allows youth players the ability to intergrade more successfully into the golden ages. 

To illustrate the effectiveness of SMIA training, below is an example of a player at 12 years old and then at 20  with the U.S. National Team executing an identical form. SMIA coaching and teaching experience install players with key components and a clear understanding between deficiencies and proper technical execution. Aleks Mihailovic is well respected for the development of pure form and implementation of proper fundamental blocks by some of the best players in the United States. His ability to assess and break down how technical flow affects form.  Mihailovic is highly regarded for providing immediate results from the beginning to the advanced playing levels. 

Our team

Aleks Mihailovic

Founder of Soccer Made in America 

A former professional soccer player of the North American Soccer League (NASL)  - Washington Diplomats, Jacksonville Tea Men, and San Diego Sockers. He was a teammate of world-class player and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff. Mihailovic was a four-year starter at Jacksonville University where he led the nation in scoring. 

Certifications & Highlights

  • USSF A and International coaching license

  • United States Adult Soccer Hall of Fame

  • Illinois State Soccer Association Hall of Fame

  • United States Adult Soccer Association National Coach of the Year

  • Illinois State Soccer Association (ISSA) Director of Coaching

  • Author of the US Youth Soccer Association coaching manual

  • Former professional soccer player - Washington Diplomats and Jacksonville Tea Men

  • Jacksonville University Sports Hall of Fame

  • All-time leading scorer at Jacksonville University

  • Founder of Soccer Made in America, Chicago Blast Soccer Club and Safe Foundation


milos mamula

Milos Mamula excelled in soccer at Jacksonville University (Division 1) and then went on to play professionally with the Jacksonville Cyclones. He has served as a licensed coach and trainer with Sports Made in America since 1998.  With his extensive playing experience and understanding of the game of soccer, teaching technical skills, and helping players apply them to real game situations.


Certifications & highlights

  • Licensed U.S. Amateur Coach – adult and youth

  • Former professional player, Jacksonville Cyclones

  • Former Division 1 Player, Jacksonville University

  • Sun Belt All-Conference Team member

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